I have been drawing pictures for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, drawing was freedom.  There are no rules, no restrictions.  You can create worlds all your own and then dwell there for as long as you like…..    

Let me tell you what art is to me.  Art is to be experienced.  It should cause us to feel and think deeper than we believe we are capable.  It should cause us to open our minds to different perspectives, to cause us to see and think differently.  To reach in and affect us in a way that causes our minds to open to what is possible.  It should carry an understanding that bypasses all religious, traditional, emotional, mental, or logical objections.  Artwork should speak to us profoundly without ever having to say a word.

Drawing pictures has become the principle way in which I interpret the world.  Emotional matters, spiritual truths, seem to translate better on paper.  This is one way I find the sense in what I experience in the journey of life.  My sincere hope is that the artwork you see here, will speak for itself.